I’m procrastinating again. Which is good. Because it means I’m writing a new blog post. But bad. Because I have two exams tomorrow that I should be studying for. Those exams are the reason I haven’t posted lately, my bad.

In other news, I found a new Minecraft server today! It’s really awesome so far. It’s called z0mcraft, you should google it, it’s awesome.

In other other news, I forgot what a ‘syssitia’ was in my ancient history exam yesterday. I remember now, it was like a military mess hall, but in ancient Sparta.

And now I must go study. Sorry for the short post!


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Note to self:

Never watch this video before sleeping. Never. Again. I am now going to have Pokemon themed nightmares.



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To-do list: Week 1 – Week of Friday 14th Feb

So. My to-do list didn’t get done this week. My family decided to take the week off from work, leaving me no time to film or art. Not a great start. I’ll strive to get it done next week!

In other news, nothing exciting happened this week to write about, so there is a lack of writing this week too.

Something more interesting should happen next week! Maybe I’ll make that blog about universities.


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My New Level of Procrastination

I took my procrastination to a new level today. I started playing Dead or Alive Paradise on PSP. Boobs and beach volleyball. That’s all that game is.



…In saying that, it’s still pretty good.

(I don’t think this blog really needs a sign out, but it felt weird not doing one, so here it is)

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Videos and to-do lists

Hi again everyone! (AKA. Everyone who has liked any of my blogs and/or subscribed to me so far, I love you guys <3)

First is a little update to say that yesterday I uploaded two videos. That’s right. TWO. One to my IRL channel and one to my gaming channel!

Next up is my new to-do list. This is a list I’ve made of things for me to -well- do. On this list is:
-Upload one video to my Gaming YouTube Channel per week
-Upload one video to my IRL YouTube Channel per week
-Write at least one blog per week, and lastly
-Make at least one piece of artwork per week. Whether that be on my computer or hand-drawn.

I decided to make this list to hopefully grow my skills in each of these medias, because it’s all stuff I actually enjoy doing, and would like to be better at. Maybe I’ll make a separate post each week to show you all the stuff I’ve completed on the list to show that I’m actually doing it all!

Anyway, that’s all for tonight!


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So. This week at school…

…nothing exciting happened. Although that might just be teenager talk. We did get free pizza though, so that was cool.

This whole week has been filled with a lot of stuff. We didn’t have any normal classes, instead we had these ‘Study Skills’ days, which everyone was apparently dreading. (Personally,  I was just looking forward to getting out of normal classes for a while.) These study skills days consist of learning -you guessed it- ways to study! Yaaaay. We went over things like study guides, key terminology for classes, depression and stress, ALARM (don’t ask) and memorisation techniques. We had these classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Friday. It was a pretty lax couple of days.

What happened between Wednesday afternoon and Friday I can hear you ask? The swimming carnival. My /last/ swimming carnival. No more competitive swimming for school. That was a good realisation. The carnival was good fun! Seeing at it was my classes last year, we decided to much up in the races we entered. We even broke out in a synchronised swimming act! Which wasn’t quite as impressive as it may sound…

On Thursday the whole school got the day off, seeing as the carnival went until 8-freaking-pm on Wednesday night. So I spent the day playing some Broken Age, watching some Simpsons and recording a video for my Youtube channel. All while not changing out of my pyjamas. That was a productive day.

The Friday was the day we got free food. It was from a university that came to visit our school to talk to us about, well, university. Which was helpful. I have no idea how university works and that’s all I’ve been looking at the past few days. But that’s another topic for another day. But yeah, point is, pizza is good, and university is confusing.

So I guess the “Nothing exciting happened” was just teenager talk after all.


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Pompeii? Nah. Herculaneum’s where it’s at!

So there’s this place. Called Pompeii. People all freak out about it because it was covered in ash from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD and left almost perfect ash casts of the people who died that day. And yeah, that’s pretty cool and stuff, and looks awesome, and tells us some things about life in this wonderful Roman city (including the fact that yes, people were scared of this giant orange fire, that was probably the uprising of Hell’s army, spewing out of this mountain). But I’m more interested in what happened to the other, lesser known, city, Herculaneum.

Now, Herculaneum was actually closer to the eruption than Pompeii. Which means the lava spewing from the mountain got to the people much faster, leaving less time for their bodies to be made into ash casts. But that’s not exactly what interests me. The thing most interesting to me is the furniture that was found in various villas and apartment type buildings in Herculaneum. Out of the wooden furniture found, all of the objects look immensely interesting to me, and give a brilliant insight into daily life in 79 AD. The beds had intricate carvings along them, the household shrine was like a little temple that the household gods would live in and there was even a cot found that still had a baby in it. In one of the houses there remains a sliding door between the reception and dining room. When open you would see the household from the outside and it was like a party house, when shut it would give the families privacy from the outside world. Did I mention that houses also had hydraulic pumps to pump water through their house without having to go to a well or such? And that the houses had heating by hot air going between gaps purposefully placed in the walls? They were more advanced back then than I though.

This is only the start of my study into Pompeii and Herculaneum, but so far it’s pretty frickin’ interesting! I look forward to writing more about it in the future!


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