Exam prep with Kasi! Immigrant Chronicle

I have exams all next week.

Today I’ve discovered that I only watch anime when I’m procrastinating from exams. I also only write blog posts when procrastinating too.

I’ve just had an idea on how to join these together. Well, at least two of them together. Anime, exams and blogs would be interesting to join together.

Kasi-chan was studying for exams. She felt silly for putting off studying for the whole week and was trying to squeeze all the information in her head at once! Her sensei’s had been pressuring her to do well on these exams and she knew she would just be so embarrassed if she failed! The first exam she had was for English, she was oh-so nervous! She had to remember all about Hamlet Immigrant Chronicle and her two related texts, Eleanor Rigby (a song by the Beatles) and Zero (a short film by Christopher Kezelos (or at least she hopes that’s his name)). She must remember what the texts have in common, such as all of them doing with not belonging, and in the case of Immigrant Chronicle and Zero, how they came to a sense of belonging. But most importantly, Kasi-chan must gather the courage to defeat her procrastination and triumph over the evil warlock – EXAMCUTOR.

…Yep. That’s a thing I just did. I’m not even sure it made any sense. It ask got pretty distracted and waffly (not actual waffles, although that would be nice right about now) in the middle. Which is pretty much what will probably happen in the actual exams.


Down to the point of this post and how I’m going to use it to revise for exams. Below this is going to be a table or something, I don’t know yet, I haven’t made it. On this table will be my three texts: Immigrant Chronicle by Peter Skrzynecki, Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles, and Zero by Christopher Kezelos. For each of these texts I will create a short summary of what they are about, what aspects of belonging are in them (with techniques), and how they relate to each other (I didn’t do this. I ran out of time.). Let’s do this!

Note: I just finished writing and I wrote much more that I expected. If only I could write this much in an actual exam. That’d be great. Anyway, this is all just a compilation of some notes I’ve taken throughout the topic. This is all my opinion and what I have learnt, so take it with a grain of salt. You could use it as a revision tool, or to compare it to what others have, but I highly recommend finding out more and looking more deeply into the texts. So yeah, enjoy!

Immigrant Chronicle by Peter Skrzynecki

Immigrant Chronicle is a collection of poems by the poet Peter Skrzynecki, a Polish immigrant. They deal with his life after moving to Australia and his lack of connection to either Australia or Poland. The poems that I am studying are: ‘St. Patrick’s College’, ‘In the Folk Museum’, ‘Post Card’, ‘Migrant Hostel’, ‘Feliks Skrzynecki’, ‘Ancestors’ and ’10 Mary Street’.

Key quotes from poems.

St. Patrick’s College
‘Uniforms’ ‘Fees and expenses’ – Symbolic of a quality education and a step towards a bright future. Also a means of gaining acceptance. Skrzynecki did not see the point of all the effort to belong, and found it to be more of a chore than and opportunity. Shows that belonging an not be pushed upon one.
‘I stuck pine needles’ – Symbolic of the contrast between what his mother thought of the school to what Skrzynecki thought. Skrzynecki saw it as a struggle to belong, whereas his mother saw it as an opportunity to belong.
‘Blue, black and gold’ – Symbolic of the regal colours of wealth and prestige, belonging to a privileged group. Skrzynecki saw wearing the uniform as a burden
‘For eight years’ – Repeated throughout the poem, accentuates the feeling of time dragging on and how much Skrzynecki disliked it.

In The Folk Museum
‘Autumn/Which stands at the door/Dressed in yellow and brown’ ‘The wind taps hurriedly’ – Personification. Emphasises the importance of the seasons, and tells that Skrzynecki wanted to leave quickly, doesn’t want to spend any more time in a place he does not belong in. Shows that when people are in a place they do not belong in, they can begin to feel uncomfortable and want to get out of there as quickly as possible.
‘Her hair’s the same colour/As the grey clay bottle/That’s cold as water to touch’ – Simile. Shows that the woman (the caretaker) belongs to this place. People can look like the place they belong to.
‘They sing to christ…I try to memorise’ – Collective Pronoun. ‘They” belong to the town, compared to “I” (Skrzynecki) who does not. Not knowing what other people do can bring a feeling of not belonging.
‘Would you please sign the Visitor’s Book?’ – Dialogue. Implies Skrzynecki does not belong in this culture, he is just a visitor. Not being recognised as a member of a culture can bring a feeling of not belonging.

Post Card
‘A post card sent by my friend haunts me’ – Emotive. He does not feel a sense of belonging to the postcard. Or maybe feels like he should, but does not. This could bring an unsettling feeling.
‘Warsaw, Old Town,/ I never know you/except in third person’ – Detached tone. Skrzynecki’s like was owned by his parents experience of war and immigration. This tone of detachment is due to the fact that he feels no sense of belonging to those experiences.
‘You survived/in the minds/of a dying generation’ – Juxtaposition of ‘survived’ and ‘dying’. His parents belong to something that is now only a memory. Showing that even if something no longer physically exists, you can still be connected to it through memory.
‘I never knew you’, ‘Let me be’, ‘What’s my choice to be’, ‘We will meet/Before you die’ – Stream of consciousness showing Skrzynecki’s idea of Poland develop during the course of the poem, which can show the struggle of our own ideas of belonging and what we want to belong to.

Migrant Hostel
‘No-one’ – Personal pronoun, abrupt opening, mood of detachment or dejection. Shows that the migrants didn’t belong and are though so little of that no-one checked on them. Shows that a sense of not belonging can make a person feel depressed or detached from society.
‘Like a homing pigeon’, ‘Lived like birds of passage’ – Similes. The migrants ‘belonged’ where they had been placed, but they didn’t really belong there and longed for that feeling of belonging. This shows that people have to make their own decision on where they belong, It can’t be decided for you.
‘A barrier… rose and fell like a finger/pointed in reprimand or shame’ – Personification. The boom gate reminds the migrants that they are not welcome in the wider society.

Feliks Skrzynecki
‘Hands darkened/From cement, fingers with cracks/Like the sods he broke’ – Visual imagery. Skrzynecki’s father works hard to belong to his new society. Shows that some people will do anything to belong.
The department clerk ‘asked in dancing-bear grunts:/;Did you father ever attempt to learn english?’ – Accusing, derogatory tone. Feliks is put down for his inability to completely assimilate. Shows that sometimes, no matter what one does to belong, other still won’t accept them.
‘Loved his garden like an only child’ – Simile. Feliks’ garden is the place he wants to be and belongs to, this causes Skrzynecki to feel alienated as the garden seems to get more attention than him. Shows that where some people chose to belong can make others upset.
‘Like a dumb prophet,/Watched me pegging my tents/Further and further south of Hadrian’s Wall’ – Tone of tension, resignation, inevitability. Feliks knew that Skrzynecki would move away from his Polish heritage and traditions, and felt powerless to stop it. Once again shows that no matter how much you may want someone to belong to something, you can’t force them.

‘Who’, ‘where’, ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ – Rhetorical questions. Questioning his identity without expecting an answer. There is no-one to answer these questions and they plague Skrzynecki. You can find it very difficult to belong to something you can not quite identify.
‘Shadows’, ‘dream’, ‘Do their footprints lead’ – Metaphoric. Shadows are behind you, in the past, dark and disturbing. Dreams are a reflection focused on identity, family immigration and the impact of that. Footprints are the passing of time.
‘Bearded faceless men’, ‘Do they whisper into the darkness’, ‘where do they point to’ – Imagery. No identifiable features, he cannot connect to his past and heritage. He feels alienated.

10 Mary Street
‘For nineteen years/We…’ – Repetition of phrase and plural personal pronoun. Skrzynecki is making reference to the memories of the home he belonged to and the family he shared it with. Shows that a place to belong to can allow us to live in ways that give us comfort.
‘Well-oiled love’, ‘Still too-narrow bridge/always burning down’ – Contrasting adjectives and imagery. The home he shared with his family was safe and comforting, unlike the world in which he felt he did not belong. Shows a place to belong to can bring comfort and security.
‘China-blue coat/with paint guaranteed/for another ten years’, ‘lawns grow across/Dug-up beds of/Spinach, carrots and tomato’ – Visual imagery, contrast. Skrzynecki does not feel that he belongs to the house that has been renovated since he left. Blue is cole, lawn is not nourishing. Shows that even if you do not belong to a place as it is currently, you can still gain comfort from your memories of it. They cannot be taken from you, and they create part of your identity.
‘We became citizens of the soil/That was feeding us/Inheritors of a key/That’ll open no house/When this one is pulled down’ – Contrast. After giving up his Polish citizenship (which is symbolised in the life he had in the house), he now feels he does not belong anywhere, he feels empty. This shows that you may not value what you have until it is gone.


Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles

All the lonely people/Where do they all come from?’, ‘Where do they all belong?’ – There are many people who are lonely, and questions how these people came to be that way and how and where they would fit into the world. Shows that people can find it difficult to belong.
Eleanor Rigby was ‘Buried along with her name/Nobody came’ – When Eleanor was buried, her existence in the world ended. No one had ever known who she was and she did not have any friends or family. She was unknown to everyone. Shows that there are people invisible to society. People that no one notices. These people do not have other people to belong with.
Father Mckenzie ‘writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear’, ‘What does he care?’ – Nobody attends that Father’s sermons. To him, all religious faith has perished, along with communal spirit. It is questioned why he still does them. It shows that some people feel the need to keep doing their daily routine to belong in their place/environment even if nobody will even notice them doing it.
Eleanor Rigby ‘picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been/Lives in a dream’ – Eleanor dreams of belonging with somebody, she dreams of being in a happy family with a loving partner. Shows that people want to belong with someone.
Eleanor Rigby ‘Waits at the  window, wearing the far that she keeps in a jar by the door’, ‘Who is it for?’ – Eleanor feels she needs a different face to be seen by this certain person she is waiting to appear at her door. Or she may just be so lonely that it doesn’t matter because none will see her, but she does it anyway. Shows that some people feel they need to hide and change themselves to belong or to be accepted by someone.
The song’s tone is sombre. This portrays a feeling of seriousness and sadness.


Zero by Christopher Kezelos

‘Life will be a constant battle, offering zero opportunities’ – Narration. It is believed that Zero will belong nowhere. He is not even allowed to multiply (have children) ‘was forbidden for his denomination to multiply’
‘For the first time Zero felt unaware of his lowly number. In the company of his friend he felt as important as a 3, or even a 4. But the most wonderful sensation, was the feeling of belonging’ – When Zero meets the female 0 and they belong together.
‘The largest and most respected number the people had ever seen’, ‘Zero knew that for a nothing, he had created something truly magnificent’ – At the end when Zero and female 0 have a baby and it’s number is infinity, where they create new life that is brilliant and marvellous and they belong together as a family.
Colour – The 0’s are brown and white, somewhat dirty looking, while the rest of the numbers are pink. Colour is also used once Zero and the female 0 meet, the scenes are lighter and more vibrant, bringing a stark contrast to when Zero is alone and all is dark.
Texture/styling – The yarn is woven differently for each number. 9’s are very straight and orderly, 5’s have crossing over strings, and 0’s are a mess of intertwined strings who very have large awkward-looking heads
Symbolism – The baby born at the end (infinity) is two 0’s joined together. It was meant to be two separate baby 0’s, separate meaning nothing, but joined together mean everything. Also the lightning strike when Zero is first born, leading one to believe that this baby is a monster.





Thank god I can legally drink now.

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I’m procrastinating again. Which is good. Because it means I’m writing a new blog post. But bad. Because I have two exams tomorrow that I should be studying for. Those exams are the reason I haven’t posted lately, my bad.

In other somewhat related news, I forgot what a ‘syssitia’ was in my ancient history exam yesterday. I remember now, it was like a military mess hall, but in ancient Sparta.

And now I must go study. Sorry for the short post!


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Note to self:

Never watch this video before sleeping. Never. Again. I am now going to have Pokemon themed nightmares.



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To-do list: Week 1 – Week of Friday 14th Feb

So. My to-do list didn’t get done this week. My family decided to take the week off from work, leaving me no time to film or art. Not a great start. I’ll strive to get it done next week!

In other news, nothing exciting happened this week to write about, so there is a lack of writing this week too.

Something more interesting should happen next week! Maybe I’ll make that blog about universities.


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My New Level of Procrastination

I took my procrastination to a new level today. I started playing Dead or Alive Paradise on PSP. Boobs and beach volleyball. That’s all that game is.



…In saying that, it’s still pretty good.

(I don’t think this blog really needs a sign out, but it felt weird not doing one, so here it is)

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Videos and to-do lists

Hi again everyone! (AKA. Everyone who has liked any of my blogs and/or subscribed to me so far, I love you guys <3)

First is a little update to say that yesterday I uploaded two videos. That’s right. TWO. One to my IRL channel and one to my gaming channel!

Next up is my new to-do list. This is a list I’ve made of things for me to -well- do. On this list is:
-Upload one video to my Gaming YouTube Channel per week
-Upload one video to my IRL YouTube Channel per week
-Write at least one blog per week, and lastly
-Make at least one piece of artwork per week. Whether that be on my computer or hand-drawn.

I decided to make this list to hopefully grow my skills in each of these medias, because it’s all stuff I actually enjoy doing, and would like to be better at. Maybe I’ll make a separate post each week to show you all the stuff I’ve completed on the list to show that I’m actually doing it all!

Anyway, that’s all for tonight!


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So. This week at school…

…nothing exciting happened. Although that might just be teenager talk. We did get free pizza though, so that was cool.

This whole week has been filled with a lot of stuff. We didn’t have any normal classes, instead we had these ‘Study Skills’ days, which everyone was apparently dreading. (Personally,  I was just looking forward to getting out of normal classes for a while.) These study skills days consist of learning -you guessed it- ways to study! Yaaaay. We went over things like study guides, key terminology for classes, depression and stress, ALARM (don’t ask) and memorisation techniques. We had these classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Friday. It was a pretty lax couple of days.

What happened between Wednesday afternoon and Friday I can hear you ask? The swimming carnival. My /last/ swimming carnival. No more competitive swimming for school. That was a good realisation. The carnival was good fun! Seeing at it was my classes last year, we decided to much up in the races we entered. We even broke out in a synchronised swimming act! Which wasn’t quite as impressive as it may sound…

On Thursday the whole school got the day off, seeing as the carnival went until 8-freaking-pm on Wednesday night. So I spent the day playing some Broken Age, watching some Simpsons and recording a video for my Youtube channel. All while not changing out of my pyjamas. That was a productive day.

The Friday was the day we got free food. It was from a university that came to visit our school to talk to us about, well, university. Which was helpful. I have no idea how university works and that’s all I’ve been looking at the past few days. But that’s another topic for another day. But yeah, point is, pizza is good, and university is confusing.

So I guess the “Nothing exciting happened” was just teenager talk after all.


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